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Emucr Psxmame 20090417 7z

Emucr Psxmame 20090417 7z: A Revival of MAME Plus Plus with PSX Support

Do you love playing classic arcade games on your PC? Do you wish you could also enjoy some of the best titles from the PlayStation era with enhanced graphics and sound? If so, you might want to check out Emucr Psxmame 20090417 7z, a modified version of MAME, a popular arcade emulator, that allows users to play games on the PSX hardware with 3D acceleration through the plug of ZiNC.

What is MAME?

MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. It is a software that can emulate the hardware and software of various arcade machines, allowing users to play thousands of games from different eras and genres on their computers. MAME aims to preserve the history and culture of arcade gaming by making these games accessible to everyone.

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What is PSX?

PSX is the codename for the original PlayStation console, released by Sony in 1994. It was one of the first home consoles to use CD-ROMs as the primary storage medium, and it introduced many iconic franchises such as Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, and Gran Turismo. The PSX had a 32-bit CPU, 2 MB of RAM, and a custom GPU that could render 3D graphics and textures.

What is ZiNC?

ZiNC is a standalone emulator that can run games that use the ZN-1 and ZN-2 arcade hardware boards. These boards were based on the PSX hardware, but with some enhancements such as faster CPU clock speed, more RAM, and additional sound chips. Some of the games that use these boards are Tekken, Soul Edge, Street Fighter EX, and Rival Schools. ZiNC can also use plugins from PSX emulators to improve the graphics and sound quality of these games.

What is Emucr Psxmame 20090417 7z?

Emucr Psxmame 20090417 7z is a modified version of MAME that incorporates some features from ZiNC and PSX emulators. It was released by EmuCR, a website that provides news and downloads for various emulators. Emucr Psxmame 20090417 7z can run games that use the PSX hardware or its derivatives, such as Konami System 573 and Taito G-NET. It can also use plugins from PSX emulators such as PeteOGL2, which supports shader filters and other enhancements. Emucr Psxmame 20090417 7z is compatible with most of the ROMs from MAME, ZiNC, and PSX emulators, and it has a user-friendly interface that allows users to configure the settings and controls easily.

How to use Emucr Psxmame 20090417 7z?

To use Emucr Psxmame 20090417 7z, you will need to download the emulator from [EmuCR] or other sources. You will also need to download the ROMs for the games you want to play from [CoolROM], [Emuparadise], or other websites. Make sure that the ROMs are compatible with Emucr Psxmame 20090417 7z, and that they are not corrupted or incomplete. You will also need to download the BIOS files for the PSX hardware and its variants from [BIOS Collection] or other sources. Place the ROMs and BIOS files in the appropriate folders within the emulator directory. You can also download some plugins for PSX emulation from [Pete's Domain] or other websites. Place the plugins in the plugins folder within the emulator directory.

To run Emucr Psxmame 20090417 7z, double-click on psxmame.exe or psxmame64.exe depending on your system architecture. You will see a list of available games on the left side of the window. Select the game you want to play and click on Play. You can also press F5 to refresh the list or F1 to access the help menu. To configure the settings and controls for Emucr Psxmame 20090417 7z, press Tab while the game is running. You will see a menu with various options such as Video Options, Input (general), Input (this game), and so on. You can also use VideoConfig.exe or Config.exe to configure the plugins for PSX emulation. To exit Emucr Psxmame 20090417 7z, press Esc or close the window.


Emucr Psxmame 20090417 7z is a great emulator for fans of arcade and PlayStation games. It combines the features and compatibility of MAME, ZiNC, and PSX emulators, and it offers a high-quality gaming experience with 3D acceleration and sound enhancements. Emucr Psxmame 20090417 7z is easy to use and configure, and it supports a wide range of games from different systems and genres. If you want to relive the glory days of arcade and PlayStation gaming, you should definitely give Emucr Psxmame 20090417 7z a try.




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